Huge JSP does not load and has no compliation errors, what could be wrong.
Sometimes developers run into this issue when dealilng with large JSP's. The browser simply wouldn't load the JSP. In this post we discuss the reason for this issue.

When the browser wouldn't load the JSP, you can beat your head against the fall to find a defect in your code, but may not find anything wrong. If you look carefully through the server side logs you might find below error:

java.lang.ClassFormatError: ... invalid Code length at 65563

It turns out that a compiled JSP cannot be larger than 64k, or else the virtual machine blows up. This can happen unknowingly when your particular page has a number of static includes pushing it just over the limit. The solution is to reduce the size of the jsp so that it loads successfully. Having a jsp of such size is just poor coding practice.

A ticket has been in place since 1999 to remove this barrier, but nobody’s gotten around to it:
Good luck.