How to make a wireless computer to TV connection and display your PC's VGA video and audio to a TV set or other display device

It is possible to make a Wireless computer to TV connection.  You can wirelessly connect your desktop, laptop, or Media Center PC to a TV located up to 100 feet away in your home, school or office environment.

There are so many uses for this type of wireless connection, you are only limited by your imagination as to its varied uses and applications:

  1.  Display company presentations from your notebook computer to the boardroom TV set.
  2. Send a welcome greeting from your office computer to a TV in your lobby for arriving guests.
  3. Display high-quality PowerPoint and educational presentations in the classroom.
  4. Play a DVD from your home office PC to the living room TV set.
  5. With your IR keyboard/mouse, play video games from a PC located in an upstairs bedroom, to the downstairs living room TV.
  6. Monitor your children's Internet activities from a TV in any room in the house.
  7. With additional receivers, send audio and video to multiple TVs.

These wireless computer to TV devices typically convert VGA into a TV signal and send the signals from your PC to any TV with RCA/Composite video/audio inputs in your home, office or classroom at distances up to 100' through walls, floors, ceilings and doors.  These devices work in pairs with a wireless transmitter that transmits signals from your PC and a receiver that receives the signal and connects to your TV.  This allows transfer of video and audio wirelessly from any desktop or notebook PC to your TV set.

You need to be careful in picking the wirless computer to tv device.  Because as with any wireless device, distance can usually be an issue with wireless computer to tv devices.  Some low quality ones would need your TV to be in the line of sight for a successful transmission.  Also, the signals transmitted are known to have interference issues with other wireless device signals.  Besides these devices cost between $100 and $150. 

So how to make your Wireless computer to TV Connection?

As mentioned eariler, you would have a transmitter that connects to the PC.  You need to connect the PC’s VGA to the Transmitter’s VGA using appropriate cables and connect the PC’s audio output to Transmitter’s A/V input.  The receiver should be placed next to the TV.  Receiver will be connected to the TV using A/V cable.  The color coding is usually Yellow = Video, Red = Audio Right, White = Audio Left.

These devices also allow you to transmit in multiple channels and you would typically have a channel selection on the transmitter and receiver.  You need to set the transmitter and receiver to the same channel in order to receive the signals.

There are a few options in the marketplace for these kind of devices.  Aitech Pro PC/TV Wireless PC to TV Converter is one and KWorld KW-SA240 PCTOTV Wireless Converter to name a couple.

Being able to do this kind of wireless computer to tv connection has another advantage too.   I recently signed up for satellite tv and using the wirless connector started watching all the channels from my PC transmitted to my TV. Checkout this link Satellite TV for PC.

With this setup, I am not using cable tv anymore. Something to think about.